I'm a full stack developer focused on mobile.


I specialize in creating great mobile user experiences and I don't stop there. Here is some of the work I'm proud of.


Storytelling is an art, not a buzzword.

Storybyte is your way to elegantly inspire, share, and relive great stories. It's where you can share all of life's little stories instead of just one lifelong stream of information. Use pictures to chronologically tell your tales both as they unfold and from the past. Every story comes to an end, but with Storybyte, they can endure. 

Work Done

I'm the lead developer at Storybyte and am in charge of architecting both the app and server. Storybyte spans mobile and web and includes an online component to show user content. We use Rails and S3 for our cloud backend and a completely native app taking advantage of the latest iOS 7 features. I work closely with designers to create the perfect storytelling experience on your phone and the web.

Turn your camera roll into hilarious animations

GiFmojo takes your camera roll and repeatedly punches it in the face until awesome animated gifs fall out. Then, it throws those hilarious gifs at your friends through text, email, Instagram, loud screams, head nods, and smoke signals. That's it - it's not changing the world, it's just making it a bit more fun. You're welcome.

Work Done

GiFmojo was a fun project that shows how quickly I can take an idea to market. We were able to build and ship the app in 8 days. I worked with a designer to create the unique look and feel of the app. Just because it looks simple, doesn't mean the app was easy to build technically. Years of experience meant I was able to quickly create and iterate on this idea making it almost seem like magic. Download it and try it out on your photos, I guarantee a laugh.


Pictwo is a tool for making one awesome photo composed of two images.

Pick two photos and use your own imagination and creativity to combine them into a new composition called a Pictwo. By adding textures and colors from your environment to landscapes or portraits, you can create beautiful photos in just a few seconds. Or, get more involved in the process and create collages, surreal compositions and art pieces.

Work Done

This was the first iPhone app I delivered to the App Store. Right after launch we received a feature from Apple putting Pictwo in the top 10 of the Photos & Video category. Since then we have delivered more than 150k downloads. Pictwo remains a popular app for photo editing on the iPhone.

Powerful layer editing

Pixology’s powerful layer editing tool gives you full control to customize and adjust your photos. Add any combination of photos, textures, gradients, colors, and effects to polish your work and create beautiful photo art.

Work Done

This app was developed for my personal apps business. I paired with a designer to create a Photoshop like experience for your iPhone. The app uses powerful OpenGL shader technology to allow realtime high resolution photo editing. The goal was to make a simple yet powerful layer editor and we delivered on this.

Other Work