Kyle Stewart

I’m a creative technologist, computational artist, and engineer based in Los Angeles. My focus is on execution and I love to provide “tech support” for artists and ideas. I thrive on creating elegant solutions to previously hard or impossible problems. As a mobile developer, I have experience delivering award winning apps to millions of people. Now I’m turning that engineering talent towards my passion of bending technology to create artistic and interactive experiences.



  • I love to dig deep into the technical details. My work often starts with research papers or esoteric mathematical ideas.
  • 10+ computer languages - I seem to learn a new one more often than I change my underwear.
  • I have tried most creative coding tools but currently prefer a mix of C++, Processing, Touch Designer, and Python.
  • Yes Python! It has more community knowledge and libraries than anything you’re using right now, don’t discount it as a creative platform.
  • That being said, I look forward to learning new tools in order to solve problems instead of forcing my old tools to adapt.
  • Points and vertices are my friends. I'm not afraid to throw down some shader code or futz around with quaternions. 
  • I often revisit my love affair with microcontrollers and am comfortable programming for firmware and embedded linux projects (extreme full stack).

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